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Pet Insurance

from Beasy Insurance Services

Pet Insurance

Admit it, life is lighter with a cat or dog around. But, life with pets undoubtedly has its challenges, too. While most days are filled with joy, you also need to prepare for the eventuality of frequent vet visits for checkups and monitoring of serious health issues.

Because you consider your pets as family, it’s only natural that you would treat them like you would any of your family members. This includes looking after their well-being with pet insurance.

Give Your Fur Family Members the Protection They Deserve

Veterinary care is expensive. The costs of treatments, scans, and other diagnostic tests could add up fast without you knowing it. That is why putting a pet insurance policy in place is a smart move.

Pet insurance ensures you give your dog or cat the best care available when you visit a vet clinic or pet hospital anywhere in Arizona or California. It provides coverage when your four-legged babies suffer from a serious illness, have injuries, and need unexpected care.

Pet insurance plans vary across providers, but they often cover the following:

  • Accidents

  • Alternative therapies (e.g., homeopathy, acupuncture)

  • Behavioral therapy

  • Breed-specific and genetic conditions if the pet doesn’t have signs/symptoms before enrollment

  • Cancer treatment

  • Chronic and recurring conditions (e.g., diabetes, allergies)

  • Diagnostic exams

  • Hospitalization

  • Lab tests

  • Medications

  • Nursing care

  • Specialty care

  • Surgery

  • Treatments for diseases and illnesses

However, a pet insurance policy does not provide coverage for the following:

  • Breeding

  • Cloning

  • Cosmetic procedures

  • DNA testing

  • Elective procedures

  • Endodontic or orthodontic procedures

  • Pet food, vitamins, supplements, etc.

  • Pre-existing conditions that include breed-specific or genetic conditions

  • Whelping

  • Veterinary fees (breeding, pregnancy, whelping)

Optional Coverage You May Need to Consider

Aside from the illness and accident coverage, you may add a Wellness Rewards plan to the policy especially if you find routine and preventive care too costly.

The plan covers dental cleaning, vaccinations, yearly checkups, grooming including nail trimming, training, and spay or neuter surgery. Fecal and routine blood tests, personal care items like medicated shampoos, routine chiropractic care, nutritional supplements, diet food prescription, and cremation and burial are also covered.

Bear in mind that some policies are only valid across the states and certain countries outside the US. If you travel frequently and wish to take your pets with you, find a plan that offers coverage around the globe.

Take Your Financial Worries Off the Table with Pet Insurance

Eliminate unexpected vet bills with pet insurance. Can’t decide which plan fits your furry friends’ needs and your budget? Call Beasy Insurance Services at 949-200-7710 for more information.