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RV Insurance

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RV Insurance

A recreational vehicle (RV) is one of the more practical means of seeing the world. Add in the perks of not having to spend a great deal of money on flights and hotels and not losing sleep over lost luggage and delayed flights and it gets exciting. 

Whether your RV comes in the form of a camper van/bus, travel trailer, or motorhome, having the right RV insurance coverage is essential. Otherwise, traversing the states and beyond without one could put you in a financial situation you could never have imagined – dashing your dream of living on the road full-time.

Various Protection Options for Your RV Lifestyle

Whether you’re visiting one of the campgrounds in the state of Arizona or going for a weekend retreat in some mountains in California, be sure you are properly insured.

An RV functions as a vehicle and a home. Therefore, an RV insurance policy is a combination of home and auto insurance. Home-related protection options include:

Full-timer liability insurance

This is similar to the coverage provided by home insurance plans. The full-timer coverage reimburses the medical bills of someone injured in and around your RV and the damage/loss you cause to someone’s property or vehicle while you are parked somewhere for an extended period.

Contents insurance

This offers compensation for lost or damaged belongings kept in your RV. Clothes and appliances are some of the items covered.

Vacation liability insurance

Similar to the full-timer insurance, it covers you while you are on vacation, but only for a short period. This is sometimes called campsite liability insurance.

Meanwhile, auto-related protection options include:

Personal injury protection insurance

This reimburses your and your companions’ collision-related medical expenses, regardless of who’s at fault.

Liability insurance

This compensates for the costs of property damage or injuries of another person in an accident you are legally responsible for.

Comprehensive and collision insurance

Comprehensive coverage pays for the repair or replacement of your camper if it’s damaged or totaled in a non-accident-related event like crime, fire, and flood. Collision coverage takes care of the repair and replacement costs if your trailer is damaged or totaled in a collision, regardless of fault.

Roadside assistance insurance

This provides 24/7 assistance when you encounter a breakdown or issues that hinder you from continuing your journey.

Contact Independent Agents for Your RV Insurance Needs

RV coverage options vary across insurers; some firms offer more coverage than others. If you currently own an RV or are planning to buy one, you probably need to know more about RV insurance.

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